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Owner / Operator of Single Family Residential Projects


Lamplight owns and operates single family residential projects across the U.S. Lamplight purchases single family projects for the purpose of holding through sales to the ultimate end user (homeowners) as well as sales to builders and developers. Lamplight has an acquisition strategy which includes assets for short term ownership and sale as well as the holding of properties for long term investment.


Asset Management and Third Party Servicing


Lamplight provides turn key servicing to Financial Institutions holding distressed properties. Lamplight provides, day to day management, value enhancement, reduced cost of ownership, valuation, and, development of strategies to ensure the maximum realization of value of distressed properties. Lamplight’s business model is one to reduce the cost of ownership, of a distressed property to a financial institution, while developing methodologies that result in exit strategies that produce a better economic experience for a financial institution.


Distressed Debt Purchaser and Manager


Lamplight purchases for its own portfolio distressed debt related to single family residential projects. Additionally, Lamplight can provide a financial institution, or, real estate investor, management services of distressed debt that can result in monetization and an overall recovery experience that is low cost, efficient, and, above peer group returns on defaulted debt. The principals of Lamplight have a long successful history in negotiating strong business settlements that are sustainable and achievable with reduced third party costs and with more of the available settlement funds benefiting the debt holder.


Advisory Services


Lamplight has exceptional internal experience related to understanding the value cycle of residential properties in the top 100 markets in the U.S. The principals of Lamplight are able to assist financial institutions, and, real estate investors, in valuation and disposition strategies of portfolio purchases that may include Single Family Residential Properties. Lamplight can provide current and directional value of potential portfolio purchases as well as provide management services and oversight of the ultimate disposition potential of a future portfolio purchase.




Products & Services

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